The Show Me Collegiate League reacts to cancellation of season

US Ballpark General Manager Mark Stratton said the decision to cancel, and not postpone, the Show Me Collegiate League came down to getting the players ready for their college seasons this fall.

The Show Me Collegiate league started at the beginning of June, and the first player that we know of to test positive came Tuesday from the Route 66 Stars. That team was then ruled out for the last couple weeks left on the schedule. But when the second positive test came back Wednesday morning — from a different team — that’s when the league decided to cancel the remainder of the season.

The 10 a.m. game was already in progress at that point, so they were able to finish things out before leaving the field for the final time this summer.

There was a lot of disappointment as those teams cleared out. But, the same time, the players seemed thankful for the 6 weeks they got to compete.

Precautionary measures have been taken all summer, including temperature checks of every person entering the stadium, as well as encouraging social distancing of the players and spectators. While the Collegiate league is cancelled, other leagues and tournaments are still happening at US Ballpark, and those measures will continue to be taken.

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