Missouri State Director of Athletics talks about Re-Entry Program

“The re-entry has gone well, there’s no concerns at this particular time, which is good,” said Kyle Moats, Missouri State Director of Athletics.

MSU is among many NCAA universities to open its facilities June 1st, allowing student athletes to voluntarily train on campus. This doesn’t mean practices — coaches aren’t allowed — this is strictly individual workouts, with only the athletic trainer for safety. But, Moats, says this is only possible through strict guidelines set in the Re-entry Policy.

“You’re going to be checked every single day with your temperature, and then we’re going to follow you where you are and what time you were there for contact tracing. Will do that with every single athlete and where they are that’s part of the policy,” Moats said.

After only two days, Moats said he’s seen mixed reaction about returning to the facilities.

“I think folks certainly are a little bit apprehensive, I can’t say that all 100% are saying hey we’re gonna come back this is what we’re gonna do. I think there’s some apprehension by some coaches. I think the student athletes probably are the most excited to get back. All student athletes are used to competing and practicing and playing, and when they get that taken away and they don’t have that it’s different for them they don’t know how to cope with that very well,” said Moats.

Teams are planning their returns at different times — Moats said the Lady Bears plan to come back next week, while Dana Ford’s squad is set to return closer to the end of June. The majority of athletes they’re seeing right now, are on the football team, as head coach Bobby Petrino hopes to ‘get access’ near the end of July; six weeks before the start of the season.

“I really think that that’s what’s going to happen. The football oversight committee, I feel very strongly they’re going to give us six weeks. And whether or not we actually have football practice and pads that particular day, I don’t think that’ll be the case,” Moats said.

It’s all a process that the Missouri State Athletics department is taking one step at a time.