Conway had high expectations, led by pair of pitchers

Like the rain, baseball can be unpredictable.

“Anything can happen on any day,” said Conway senior Colby Vavruska.

But this season Conway was dealt a good hand, showing a pair of aces.

“Me and Dakotah, we felt like any time that we were going to pitch we were going to win,” Colby said. “There’s no team that would have beat us if we were pitching.” 

Colby Vavruska was the Bears starting pitcher since his sophomore season, and this year the Bears added pitcher Dakota Evans, who transferred from Lebanon.

“I didn’t know a whole lot of kids, it was my senior year, so I was trying to make a new friend set and it was my last year of school,” Dakota said.

The transition to a new school made easier with baseball. This fall, Dakotah had a .97 ERA, Colby, 1.26. The two combined for 118 strikeouts in 74 innings.

“I wouldn’t actually say a 1-2, I think we were just two number one’s. For a small school we were both pretty decent,” said Dakota.

The Bears expected to win and repeat the success the team had back in 2016.

“We felt good, comfortably pitching, we felt like we had everything we needed to make a big run in districts,” Colby said.

“I feel like we could have competed in a district championship and gone on from there. With me and Colby on the bump I feel like we had a good chance to go a long ways,” Dakota said.

This season has been washed away, but these two hope when the clouds break up, the sun will shed light on the value of each and every game.

“Don’t slack at anything because it’ll just end when you least expect it,” said Colby.

“To our juniors that are now seniors, you guys are going to do big things next year, and hopefully they don’t take any game for granted next year,” Dakota said.

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