Jackson Beaman reflects on his success at Lincoln

Jackson Beaman has been at the core of Lincoln’s success in the last few years, commanding plays his quarterback in the fall. While controlling the tempo on the mound in the spring.

“Honestly, football and baseball are about right here for me. They are the same,“ Beaman said.

Like a true competitor, Jackson has always been focused on one thing.
“Going into high school my class’s biggest goal was to win a state championship,“ said Beaman.
Jackson’s been close to that goal a few times. The baseball team made it to the final for his freshman year. And junior and senior year, the football team end of the season as state runner-up.
“Until the clock hit zero, I still believed that we were going to be state champions. After football got over I was like we got to get it done in baseball and find a way to get a state championship,“ Beaman said.
And when that chance got taken away Jackson wasn’t thinking about himself.
“It didn’t really affect me that the season was over it affected me more that it was like my last chance that Lincoln was over,” said Beaman. “It was more of a deal for the town and it was kind of just made it harder that we never got to reach our final destination or goal.“
As he continues his baseball career at the University of Missouri his hunger for a championship grows stronger.
“Second isn’t good enough for me, so now I’m using that as my fuel and my motivation to make myself better and hopefully whenever I get to University of Missouri hopefully lead them to win a national championship. And finally achieve my goal of being first and winning the championship,“ Beaman said.