Forysth’s Shipman records historic career even without a senior season

Most softball players probably don’t remember all the details from their games.

Most players strike out dozens of times. It makes sense that those moments would blend together.

Forsyth’s Emily Shipman isn’t most softball players.

“I think I struck out a total of two times, maybe three [in high school],” she said.

“She only struck out three times in high school,” added Forsyth Head Coach Collin Lyerla.

She had just three strikeouts across three seasons. Emily says she remembers the details of those strikeouts.

“Oh, 100-percent,” she said.

It’s just the type of player this Forsyth senior is.

“We were playing Purdy and I struck out on a rise ball and as soon as the game was over I went over to the tee because I cannot live that down, it is not acceptable,” Emily said.

It’s unacceptable result in Emily’s mind and one that’s heavily outweighed by her production.

139 hits, 132 RBIs and a .602 batting average are just a few of her Forsyth career records.

“[Those numbers] are 3/4 of the way,” Lyerla said. “So the numbers that would’ve added on top of all that, it’s crazy to think about the numbers. She was approaching some of those state-record of all-time numbers.”

Emily’s senior year would likely have moved her into the state’s top five all time in both runs and runs batted in, with an outside shot to reach that group in other categories.

“It definitely keeps me up at night a little bit,” Emily said.

But it’s not just the individual goals this Lady Panther can’t stop thinking about.

“I think this was our year. Everybody had improved so much over the summer and you could tell they were putting in the extra time and that definitely made it ten times harder than I think it would’ve been last year,” Emily said.

Now, the missed senior year is serving as Emily’s driving force in her prep for a college career.

“Especially after this happened, it just makes me more appreciative and having faith in what I can do next year,” she said.

As she moves forward, Emily will leave behind records that may stand for years to come.

They’re records that show plenty of details worth remembering.

Emily will play softball next year at Crowder College. In the future, she hopes to transfer to a Division I program.

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