Ryan Mallett Joins Steve Ary at Mtn. Home


After spending a year on Joel Wells staff and Harrison, Steve Ary is taking over a Mountain Home Bomber squad who has one win and its last 30 games.

“I kind of feel like it’s the West Plains situation,” Ary said.  “You get them in the weight room and work them out and get them tough as nails.”

Ary turned the West Plains Zizzers program into a perennial contender in the Ozark Conference and Class-4 scene.

But Ary also needs talented coaches around him.  So he reached out to longtime friend Darin Acklin at Mountain View Birch Tree Liberty.

“He said, ‘I kind a like it over there at Mountain Home,’ so I said, ‘come on over man!’  And he did.  I didn’t think there was a way he was going to come.”

Acklin is bringing his son, Janson after a successful career at Evangel to help out as a student teacher.  And he’s not the only first-year rookie coach for the Bombers.

Arkansas Razorback Ryan Mallett is joining the Bombers staff.

“I was going to move to this area anyway,” Mallett said.  “I’m building a house because I love this area.”

In two seasons with the Razorbacks, Mallett threw for 62 touchdowns with the Hogs going 18-8 with him as a starter.

“I’ve grown up in a football family and a coaching family,” Mallett said.  “I’ve got uncles and cousins who are in it and I know I’ve always wanted to do it at some point.”

I knew we were gonna have to throw the football at some point,” Ary said about his ground attack football team.  “I’ve got 100 kids here and everybody is a wishbone guy so I was thinking, I wonder if Ryan can help me out.”

After seven years in the NFL, Mallett says it’s time for him to come full circle back to the Friday night lights

“There’s a lot of things, the good, bad, and ugly that I can help the kids out with,” Mallett said.  “My main job is to make the kids, not only a better football player, but a better young man.”

“I am so thankful that the administration and the school board and everybody is on board with bringing in some good people,” Ary said.