Recruiting Stress for Coaches, Players in Pandemic

This is the gym now for Greenwood’s Aminu Mohammed.
“Whatever I’m doing right now it’s just helping me get better for the next level,“ Mohammed said.
Where he’ll play at the next level is still undecided. This year, the five star recruit started feeling-out some of his Division I offers; visiting their campuses.
“I went to Louisville, I’ve been to Maryland previously, Kansas State,” said Mohammed.
But for now the list ends there.
“I have some more visits I’m supposed to be going to but I wasn’t able to do that because of the situation with the virus,” said Mohammed, “That kind of slowed things down.”
One of his nine offers is from Missouri State, and head coach Dana Ford understand the important of those campus visits for the recruits.
“You’re asking people to commit to your university without ever visiting it. That’s almost unheard of,” Ford said.
But those visits can be just as important for coaches.
“We’ll fly them out and work them out and let them play with our players, and evaluate them and do things like that,” said Ford. “But without that part of it it’s really a different world.”
And if the pandemic cancels AAU tournaments this summer, recruiting will be affected even more.
“If you don’t go out this summer and evaluate, well now it’s all word-of-mouth and people can’t visit your campus, so things can get really tricky for college basketball recruiting this fall,” Ford said.
Competing for recruits under these circumstances is challenging, but it’s the same way for everyone.
“We’re all in the same situation, all the way up from Duke all the way down to whoever,” said Ford.
For players and coaches, right now it’s all about adapting and continuing to put in the work.
“Everything’s just kind of slowing down a little bit, but you know with God we’re going to push through and we’re going to overcome,” said Mohammed.
Even if putting in the work means training in a field.
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