No challenge is too big for Nixa’s new football coach

“Moving is hard on its own, but moving during a pandemic is worse,” said Nixa’s new head football coach John Perry.

The challenges that come with uprooting a family, are now multiplied by the Coronavirus.

“You know, even renting a U-Haul… you have to do everything online. The shops are closed. I mean, it’s a lot different,” Perry said.

Moving is just one of many obstacles John Perry prepared for, but now all of those obstacles are a million times harder.

“First year coach, need to input all of our offense and defense, and all this, yet we can’t see the kids,” said Perry.

Instead of making excuses, the football coach knows he needs to follow his own mantra; to stay positive, and focus on what he can control.

“We will spend our time and our thought process on figuring out how to be better in spite of the virus and the things going on,” said Perry. “We’re going to try to create a culture that we want, intentionally. Try to teach them the behavior skills that they need to be great fathers, to be great husbands one day, and in-turn it’s going to make them great football players too.”

With no face-to-face interaction, Coach Perry found a way to shape the culture through online leadership meetings. And this above and beyond effort isn’t going unnoticed.

I know he’s really dedicated to the team and himself and he wants our team to be the best we can be,” said quarterback Reid Potts.

Like always, John Perry continues to tackle every challenge with no excuses, and a positive attitude.

If you can be positive when bad things are happening, obviously you’re going to come out a lot better,” Perry said.

And if you’ve been wondering what the DMGB on his visor stands for… it’s “doesn’t matter get better” — a lesson for everyone as we continue ahead in our current reality.

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