2019 All-Ozark Conference Volleyball Team

The All-Ozark Conference volleyball team as voted on by the coaches has been released.

NOTE: All information is posted as submitted.

First Team All – Conference
Tayte Kozlowski – Kickapoo 12th Grade
Rebecca Janke – Rolla 12th Grade
Jayden Sanford – Glendale 12th Grade
Lauren Forbes – Kickapoo 11th Grade
Loran Pritchett – Rolla 12th Grade
Caitlyn Bernhard – Kickapoo 12th Grade
Lauren Faria – Kickapoo 11th Grade
Avery Hays – Lebanon 12th Grade
Sydney Smith – Camdenton 11th Grade
Isabelle Winters – Glendale 12th Grade
Jackie White – Camdenton 11th Grade
Jolene Tidwell – Parkview 12th Grade
2nd Team All-Conference
Kate Owen – Kickapoo 11th Grade
Janae Johnson – Parkview 11th Grade
Olivia Whittle – Camdenton 11th Grade
Jordan Harpel – Waynesville 10th Grade
Bri Winters – Glendale 10th Grade
Jenna Skeens – Lebanon 12th Grade
Megan Vest – Camdenton 12th Grade
Tori McCullough – Hillcrest 9th Grade
Bailey Hough – Lebanon 12th Grade
Ellee Douglas – Lebanon 12th Grade
Claire Esther – Lebanon 9th Grade
Payton Kincaid – Camdenton 10th Grade
Sydny Leake – Lebanon 11th Grade
Honorable Mention All – Conference
Paige Durham – Hillcrest 10th Grade
Cass Cunningham – West Plains 12th Grade
Arden Below – Glendale 10th Grade
Parker Bourne – Rolla 12th Grade
Ella Werner-Click – Parkview 12th Grade
Aldon Pilz – Wanynesville 11th Grade
Holland Hawkins – Central 10th Grade
Sophie Moreland – Rolla 12th Grade
Phoebe Riddle – Central 10th Grade
Bella Blackwell – Glendale 11th Grade
Taylar Mackay – Central 12th Grade