Springfield seniors use golf to create lifelong friendship

At first glance, it may look like a typical round of high school golf, but a closer look reveals something unique about one particular trio.

“I think we’re all each other’s biggest fans,” said Glendale senior Wriley Hiebert.

When Hiebert is with Springfield Catholic senior Kayla Pfitzner and Springfield Central senior Kourtney Tucker, it’s half competition and half celebration.

“When someone hits a good shot, we’ll say ‘yes, good shot’ and if somebody hits a bad shot, we’ll pick each other up,” Kayla said.

But it’s no ordinary encouragement, as these friendships go back a long way.

“We’ve stuck together after all this time,” Wriley said.

Kayla , Kourtney and Wriley have been golfing together since age seven.

“I remember Kourtney always used to beat me,” Kayla said.

“I mean, yeah,” Kourtney said. “And they got better and I just kind of stayed level ground.”

No matter who plays best on a given day, these friends have remained connected, even when separated by the walls of three different high schools.

“It really shows how much a connection and a friendship can last,” Kourtney said.

Don’t expect that to change in college, as Wriley and Kayla prepare to be golf teammates at Missouri State.

“It’s going to be a different experience but me and Wriley can conquer it together you know,” Kayla said.

The two future Bears will have a future Drury Panther cheering them on at every swing.

“I definitely planning on coming out and watching some of their tournaments and matches,” Kourtney said. “And I do expect them to come to some of my soccer games, just because I’ll be down the road, there’s no excuse.”

Wriley says that won’t be an issue.

“I’ll for sure be out supporting Kourtney at her soccer games,” Wriley said.

That will match the support these three have shown for more than a decade. It’s support Kayla hopes will last for decades still to come.

“I hope when we’re old, we all play together in a league or something,” Kayla said.

Since age 7, this trio of seniors may have formed a friendship to last a lifetime.

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