Korn Ferry Tour: Welcome to “The Truck”

“We’re here on the Korn Ferry Tour’s operations truck, called ‘The Truck’,” said Tournament Operations Coordinator Drew Absher.

You notice it’s more than just an operations truck from the moment you open the door.

“Whoever has a connection and can get a official college helmet sticker, we’ll have them come in, give a little presentation, have them talk about their school, and put it on the door,” Absher said.

Collecting things like helmet stickers, first responder badges, and flags, the truck is basically a museum.

“This is Steph Curry. He’s played in our event the last two years. This is where his first tee ball ended up two years ago. He pulled it a little left, it hit the cart and ended up in the cup holder, which is pretty appropriate for Steph,” Absher said.

Tournament winners add to the Truck at every stop.

“Inside our cabinet doors here they all write to The Truck, all kinds of messages,” said Absher. “This is our Hall of Fame door. Steph Curry has played in our event the last few years. Thurman Thomas, Hall of Fame, NFL 2007.”

It’s something you just have to see for yourself.

“One thing that we always tell people is that they’re always welcome. Don’t knock on those doors, come right on in. The only reason why those doors would be shut is to keep some air conditioning in, so it’s welcome to anyone,” Absher said.

If you want to keep an eye on the truck while it’s on tour, it has its own Instagram and Twitter accounts. You can follow it by searching truck karma.