2019 All-Class 1 District 8 Softball Team

The 2019 All-Class 1 District 8 softball team as voted on by the coaches has been released. See the full team below.

NOTE: All names are posted as submitted.


First Team
Jaydin Lee-Pleasant Hope
Emma Johnson-Strafford
Kadee Sheppard -Mountain Grove
Alyssa Diers-Sparta


First Team
Hayley Frank-Strafford
Abby Henson-Pleasant Hope
Bailey Stokes-Pleasant Hope
Lorna Felker-Mountain Grove
Maggie Brown-Sparta
Emma Mullings-Strafford

Second Team
Haylee Stertz-Mountain Grove
Shelby Barnes-Mountain Grove
Courtney Jenkins-Pleasant Hope
Taylor Treat-Strafford
Macie Warner-Pleasant Hope
Gracie Anderson-Mountain Grove


First Team:
Tommi Gardner-Mountain Grove
Katelyn Stewart-Pleasant Hope
Logan Jones-Strafford
Janae Shirk-Pleasant Hope

Second Team:
Kaitlyn Vote-Strafford
Kennason Glenn- Mountain Grove


First Team
Kassidy Watts-Sparta
Kayley Frank-Strafford

Second Team
Lindsey Gettle-Pleasant Hope
Kelsey Watson-Mountain Grove


First Team
Jianna Halbrook-Pleasant Hope

Second Team
Kelsie Mayberry-Strafford