Class 2 – District 3 Wrestling Results


1st Place – Preston Sleeth of Logan-rogersville
2nd Place – Granite Cunningham of Bolivar
3rd Place – Kaden Scarborough of Oak Grove
4th Place – Dalton Coe of Odessa

1st Place Match
Preston Sleeth (Logan-rogersville) 35-14, Sr. over Granite Cunningham (Bolivar) 44-4, Sr. (Dec 6-3)
3rd Place Match
Kaden Scarborough (Oak Grove) 31-11, So. over Dalton Coe (Odessa) 28-16, Fr. (Fall 0:44)


1st Place – Isaiah Simmons of Eldon
2nd Place – Canyon Cunningham of Bolivar
3rd Place – Lane Brooks of Nevada
4th Place – Tyler Nance of Reeds Spring

1st Place Match
Isaiah Simmons (Eldon) 26-2, Sr. over Canyon Cunningham (Bolivar) 37-9, So. (Fall 5:48)
3rd Place Match
Lane Brooks (Nevada) 19-15, So. over Tyler Nance (Reeds Spring) 23-25, Fr. (Fall 3:44)


1st Place – Karter Brink of Monett
2nd Place – Ryan Schepers of Osage
3rd Place – Gabriel Brandenburg of Logan-rogersville
4th Place – Shon Badder of Odessa

1st Place Match
Karter Brink (Monett) 44-6, Jr. over Ryan Schepers (Osage) 38-3, Fr. (Dec 13-8)
3rd Place Match
Gabriel Brandenburg (Logan-rogersville) 35-8, So. over Shon Badder (Odessa) 34-12, Fr. (Dec 5-1)


1st Place – Matthew Bahl of Monett
2nd Place – Riley Williams of Logan-rogersville
3rd Place – Keegan Scarborough of Oak Grove
4th Place – Zach Redwine of Pleasant Hill

1st Place Match
Matthew Bahl (Monett) 42-7, So. over Riley Williams (Logan-rogersville) 36-16, So. (MD 8-0)
3rd Place Match
Keegan Scarborough (Oak Grove) 32-4, Jr. over Zach Redwine (Pleasant Hill) 32-12, Fr. (SV-1 7-5)


1st Place – Jay Strausbaugh of Logan-rogersville
2nd Place – Joseph Semerad of Monett
3rd Place – Eric Holt of Reeds Spring
4th Place – Riley Hawk of Bolivar

1st Place Match
Jay Strausbaugh (Logan-rogersville) 51-1, Jr. over Joseph Semerad (Monett) 44-4, Jr. (Dec 5-2)
3rd Place Match
Eric Holt (Reeds Spring) 38-12, So. over Riley Hawk (Bolivar) 37-16, Jr. (Dec 8-3)


1st Place – Gavin Gross of Odessa
2nd Place – Chase Cordia of Osage
3rd Place – Elias Barrientos of Monett
4th Place – Jacob Matlock of Bolivar

1st Place Match
Gavin Gross (Odessa) 48-2, So. over Chase Cordia (Osage) 37-5, Fr. (Dec 8-3)
3rd Place Match
Elias Barrientos (Monett) 38-12, So. over Jacob Matlock (Bolivar) 29-14, Jr. (MD 16-8)


1st Place – Austin Coons of Bolivar
2nd Place – Bryce Palmer of Odessa
3rd Place – Gabe Hodge of Pleasant Hill
4th Place – Keaton Artherton of Cassville

1st Place Match
Austin Coons (Bolivar) 40-4, Jr. over Bryce Palmer (Odessa) 38-8, So. (Dec 3-1)
3rd Place Match
Gabe Hodge (Pleasant Hill) 37-9, Sr. over Keaton Artherton (Cassville) 38-8, Sr. (Fall 2:53)


1st Place – Ethan Smith of Buffalo
2nd Place – Gunnar Bradley of Monett
3rd Place – Luke Malizzi of Odessa
4th Place – Logan Hawk of Bolivar

1st Place Match
Ethan Smith (Buffalo) 51-2, Sr. over Gunnar Bradley (Monett) 34-8, Jr. (Dec 10-6)
3rd Place Match
Luke Malizzi (Odessa) 44-6, Jr. over Logan Hawk (Bolivar) 28-19, Sr. (Dec 9-2)


1st Place – Hayden Burks of Bolivar
2nd Place – Ethan Umfleet of Monett
3rd Place – Jake Evinger of Odessa
4th Place – Adrian Whitehead of Oak Grove

1st Place Match
Hayden Burks (Bolivar) 48-0, Jr. over Ethan Umfleet (Monett) 37-10, Fr. (Dec 6-3)
3rd Place Match
Jake Evinger (Odessa) 40-8, So. over Adrian Whitehead (Oak Grove) 33-13, Fr. (Fall 1:26)


1st Place – Floyd Miller of Buffalo
2nd Place – Clayton Johnson of Reeds Spring
3rd Place – Noah Sears of Oak Grove
4th Place – Hunter Hansken of Odessa

1st Place Match
Floyd Miller (Buffalo) 47-1, Sr. over Clayton Johnson (Reeds Spring) 44-4, Sr. (Dec 5-0)
3rd Place Match
Noah Sears (Oak Grove) 24-9, Sr. over Hunter Hansken (Odessa) 7-7, Sr. (Dec 4-2)


1st Place – Dawson Brandt of Eldon
2nd Place – Peter Herrera of Buffalo
3rd Place – Braedon Palmer of Odessa
4th Place – Andrew Bunn of Bolivar

1st Place Match
Dawson Brandt (Eldon) 48-2, Sr. over Peter Herrera (Buffalo) 15-4, Jr. (Dec 8-7)
3rd Place Match
Braedon Palmer (Odessa) 28-12, Sr. over Andrew Bunn (Bolivar) 27-25, So. (Fall 2:30)


1st Place – Kaden Dillon of Eldon
2nd Place – Wesley Merriman of Monett
3rd Place – Zander Brinegar of Oak Grove
4th Place – Ashton Vogler of Buffalo

1st Place Match
Kaden Dillon (Eldon) 36-4, Jr. over Wesley Merriman (Monett) 34-11, Jr. (Fall 5:13)
3rd Place Match
Zander Brinegar (Oak Grove) 33-12, Fr. over Ashton Vogler (Buffalo) 40-17, Sr. (Fall 0:20)


1st Place – Barrett Beaird of Logan-rogersville
2nd Place – Drayton Huchteman of Bolivar
3rd Place – Harrison Merriman of Monett
4th Place – Grant Arcano of Clinton

1st Place Match
Barrett Beaird (Logan-rogersville) 45-6, Sr. over Drayton Huchteman (Bolivar) 33-13, So. (Dec 4-3)
3rd Place Match
Harrison Merriman (Monett) 38-12, Fr. over Grant Arcano (Clinton) 33-12, Sr. (Fall 2:34)


1st Place – Tyler Curd of Oak Grove
2nd Place – Caleb Longobardi of Nevada
3rd Place – Raymond Villalta of Monett
4th Place – Dylan Barber of Hollister

1st Place Match
Tyler Curd (Oak Grove) 26-1, Sr. over Caleb Longobardi (Nevada) 44-5, Sr. (Fall 0:26)
3rd Place Match
Raymond Villalta (Monett) 29-6, So. over Dylan Barber (Hollister) 40-12, Sr. (Fall 4:35)