2018 All-Class 3 District 11 Softball Team

The All-Class 4 District 9 Softball Team as voted on by the coaches has been released. See which players made it below.


First Team   Second Team
Pitchers   Pitchers
1. Katie Brooks, SO, Bolivar 1. Paige Leithead, JR, Rogersville
2. Izzy Erickson, JR, Reeds Spring
3. Halle Pyle, SO, Hillcrest
Catchers Catchers
1. Maddison Cantrell, JR, Reeds Spring 1. Jenna Lane, FR, Rogersville
2. Haleigh Clift, SR, Marshfield 2. Maddison Shafferkoetter, SR, Hillcrest
3. Apryl Zeno, FR, Bolivar
Infielders Infielders
1. Haley Frillman, SR, Hillcrest 1. Darby Armstrong, FR, Buffalo
2. Taylor Williams, SR, Rogersville 2. Angie Coambes, JR, Rogersville
3. Shelby Ince, JR, Rogersville 3. Ashton Lynn, SO, Bolivar
4. Paige Severns, FR, Bolivar 4. Avery McClure, FR, Bolivar
5. Izzy Harrison, SR, Marshfield 5. Emily Rice, SR, Buffalo
6. Dusty Welch, SR, Reeds Spring 6. Courtney Scobee, SR, Reeds Spring
  7. Tori Scobee, SO, Reeds Spring
  8. Shae Smith, FR, Bolivar
  9. Kiki Walker, SO, Hillcrest
Outfielders Outfielders
1. Emme Hall, SO Bolivar 1. Abby Rudd, SR, Reeds Spring
2. Carsyn Julien, SR, Bolivar 2. Makayla Short, JR, Buffalo
3. Brooke Davis, JR, Reeds Spring 3. Madison Bennett, JR, Buffalo
4. Lindsey Schatzer, SR, Rogersville
1. Julia Marshall, SR, Rogersville 1.  Jadyn Hamilton, FR, Bolivar
2. Alexandra Maddux, SR, Buffalo