Athlete of the Week: Kaitlyn Snyder, Republic

When you watch a Republic girls tennis match, there’s always one thing you can count on: senior Kaitlin Snyder will be tough to beat.

“She’s been at the top for us for three years, it’s been a really been luxury to have her number one for us,” said Republic Tennis Head Coach Dan Vales.

Snyder dropped just one singles match during the regular season to go along with 20 wins.

“When she’s on, she can hit balls left to right, back and forth and just move her opponent all around the court. She’s really tough, when she’s on her game she’s as good as anyone around here,” said Vales.

Snyder says the success you see on the court actually starts in her head.

“I do have to be on my mental game, I take a couple days before to think about how I’m going to think on the court and just get ready mentally,” said Snyder.

That mental aspect becomes more important as the opponents get better. It’s something Snyder learned after finishing ninth at state last year.

Now, she’s hoping to bet back there and use that experience to her advantage.

“It’s very beneficial, because now I know how state goes with individuals and I know some of my competition and know how they hit, because it’s just a different level,” said Snyder.

Even against that competition, the expectation for Snyder and her Vales is higher than ever before.

“We’ve never had a girl at Republic get on the podium so that’s what we’re shooting for hopefully,” said Vales.

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