Football player recovers from rare blood disorder

Football players face adversity in game situations all the time, but there’s nothing that could have prepared Logan Ayers for what he faced last season.

“It was Friday around 1:00 am, and I went into the bathroom and I just passed out. My parents hear me hit the floor, they get me and we go to the hospital,” said Nixa senior Logan Ayers.

When Logan didn’t show up on game day coach Rich Rehagen became concerned.

“I think back to that time and I’ve got him in first class of the morning, and kind of go where is he? I checked to see if he was in second hour, and he’s not in second hour. I made the call to see where he was, and find out he’s in the hospital,” Rehagen said.

Logan had internal bleeding caused by a rare pediatric blood disorder. Needless to say, he wouldn’t be suiting up against Republic that night.

“It was extremely frustrating knowing I wasn’t able to play with my brothers, and not being able to contribute to wins,” said Ayers. “I was really hoping the surgery would be quick and I’d be back real soon, but that didn’t end up happening.”

He rejoined the team in Week 9.

“Last year I know he had to sit a good part of the year, but he stayed up and played a few games late in the year. He missed about half of it and that’s pretty hard for someone that’s put a lot of work in, and he stayed real positive,” said Rehagen.

Logan retakes the field for his senior season completely healed, and will not have to live with his condition moving forward.