2018 All-COC Small baseball team

The All-COC Small baseball team as voted on by the coaches has been released. See which players made it below.

NOTE: All names are posted as submitted.

First Team

Name Position Grade School
Jackson Bememeier Pitcher 12 Hollister
Noah Briley Pitcher 12 Reeds Spring
Eric Nunn Pitcher 12 Marshfield
Jack Hadank Infield 11 Bolivar
Seth Stamps Infield 11 Reeds Spring
Nick Visconte Infield 12 Marshfield
Will Duff Infield 11 Catholic
Zach Cole Outfield 11 Catholic
Tegan Rambo Outfield 12 Logan Rogersville
Landon Farquhar Outfield 12 Hollister
Jenner Steele Catcher 12 Hollister
Collin Cross DH/Utility 12 Reeds Spring
Austin Dobrick DH/Utility 10 Marshfield

2nd Team

Name Position Grade School
Reed Metz Pitcher 10 Logan Rogersville
Truett Gardner Pitcher 11 Marshfield
Parker Tyrell Pitcher 12 Buffalo
Seth Kamykowski Infield 12 Catholic
Devin Radke Infield 12 Logan Rogersville
Caleb Casanova Infield 11 Logan Rogersville
Ethan Parke Infield 12 Hollister
Brennon Espy Outfield 10 Marshfield
AJ Craft Outfield 10 Logan Rogersville
Garrett Moody Outfield 11 Hollister
Christian Casanova Catcher 12 Logan Rogersville
Zach Howard DH/Utility 12 Bolivar

Honorable Mention

Name Position Grade School
Cole Watson Catcher 11 Reeds Spring
Justine Haake Infield 12 Catholic
Thomas Kane Infield 10 Logan Rogersville
Payton Weber Infield 12 Hollister
Brooks Espy Catcher 10 Marshfield
Cody Anderson Infield 11 Buffalo
Brock Pitts Infield 11 Bolivar