2018 Branson Wrestling Tournament Results



1 Neosho, MO 319
2 Bentonville, AR 250.5
3 Seneca, MO 242.5
4 Smithville, MO 209
5 Marshfield, MO 196
6 Monett, MO 190.5
7 Ste. Genevieve, MO 176
8 Carl Junction, MO 164.5
9 Fayetteville, AR 108.5
10 Camdenton, MO 98.5
11 Union, MO 89
12 Cassville, MO 76.5
13 Branson, MO 76
14 McDonald County, MO 53.5
15 Vian, OK 35
16 Lee`s Summit, MO 33.5
17 Marshfield 2, MO 26
18 Monett 2 , MO 19
19 Branson 2, MO 15
20 Fayetteville 2, AR 8
21 Carl Junction 2, MO 6.5
22 Bentonville 2, AR 4
22 Neosho 2, MO 4
22 Smithville 2, MO 4
22 Union 2, MO 4
26 Camdenton 2, MO 0


Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Cayden Auch of Neosho
2nd Place – Levi Connelly of Seneca
3rd Place – Jacob Dickens of Ste. Genevieve
4th Place – Grant Garrett of Camdenton
5th Place – Estuardo Chonay of Monett
6th Place – Trevor Wishne of Lee`s Summit
7th Place – Josiah Scates of Bentonville
8th Place – Dominick Beine of Union
9th Place – Chris Gordon of Carl Junction
10th Place – Christian Davidson of McDonald County
11th Place – Landon Kivett of Neosho 2
12th Place – Gavin Moore of Cassville
16th Place – Daeton Bone of Smithville
16th Place – Baydon Fuller of Fayetteville
16th Place – Jordan Chrisman of Marshfield
16th Place – Braylen Rodgers of Vian
1st Place Match
Cayden Auch (Neosho) 32-2, Fr. over Levi Connelly (Seneca) 27-3, Jr. (Dec 7-5)
3rd Place Match
Jacob Dickens (Ste. Genevieve) 27-7, So. over Grant Garrett (Camdenton) 32-6, Fr. (Dec 8-6)
5th Place Match
Estuardo Chonay (Monett) 24-12, Jr. over Trevor Wishne (Lee`s Summit) 17-11, Jr. (Dec 5-2)
7th Place Match
Josiah Scates (Bentonville) 30-8, Fr. over Dominick Beine (Union) 15-12, Fr. (Fall 1:19)
9th Place Match
Chris Gordon (Carl Junction) 3-2, Jr. over Christian Davidson (McDonald County) 10-13, Jr. (Fall 5:47)
11th Place Match
Landon Kivett (Neosho 2) 12-19, Fr. over Gavin Moore (Cassville) 9-11, Fr. (Fall 1:25)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Oscar Ortiz of McDonald County
2nd Place – Kolton Sanders of Neosho
3rd Place – Joseph Semerad of Monett
4th Place – Nathan Geisner of Ste. Genevieve
5th Place – JT O`Rourke of Smithville
6th Place – Blake Wolff of Bentonville
7th Place – Jacob Fuglsang of Camdenton
8th Place – Kevin Cox of Carl Junction
9th Place – Lorenzo Turney of Lee`s Summit
10th Place – Cole Whitehead of Seneca
11th Place – Cruz Guillermo of Bentonville 2
12th Place – Luke Smith of Union
1st Place Match
Oscar Ortiz (McDonald County) 26-3, So. over Kolton Sanders (Neosho) 25-9, So. (Dec 12-5)
3rd Place Match
Joseph Semerad (Monett) 35-3, So. over Nathan Geisner (Ste. Genevieve) 26-8, Sr. (M. For.)
5th Place Match
JT O`Rourke (Smithville) 18-12, Fr. over Blake Wolff (Bentonville) 31-11, Fr. (Dec 2-0)
7th Place Match
Jacob Fuglsang (Camdenton) 22-14, So. over Kevin Cox (Carl Junction) 7-13, Fr. (Fall 0:22)
9th Place Match
Lorenzo Turney (Lee`s Summit) 19-5, So. over Cole Whitehead (Seneca) 13-8, Fr. (Fall 3:03)
11th Place Match
Cruz Guillermo (Bentonville 2) 2-3, Jr. over Luke Smith (Union) 5-5, Fr. (Fall 0:48)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Karter Brink of Monett
2nd Place – Coby Burchett of Carl Junction
3rd Place – Carter Sickmeier of Union
4th Place – Matthew Bahl of Monett 2
5th Place – Brady Franklin of Neosho
6th Place – Colton Chrisman of Branson 2
7th Place – Gabe Hunter of Cassville
8th Place – Quinn Graves of Bentonville
9th Place – Nicholas Hill of Marshfield
10th Place – Ayden Sheets of Lee`s Summit
11th Place – Skyler Harris of Branson
12th Place – Dalton McNeal of Ste. Genevieve
14th Place – Colton Libby of Camdenton
14th Place – Grant Smith of Seneca
1st Place Match
Karter Brink (Monett) 39-0, So. over Coby Burchett (Carl Junction) 14-6, Fr. (Dec 7-3)
3rd Place Match
Carter Sickmeier (Union) 16-10, So. over Matthew Bahl (Monett 2 ) 28-5, Fr. (Fall 2:52)
5th Place Match
Brady Franklin (Neosho) 19-17, So. over Colton Chrisman (Branson 2) 3-2, So. (Fall 4:58)
7th Place Match
Gabe Hunter (Cassville) 10-8, Fr. over Quinn Graves (Bentonville) 20-18, So. (Fall 3:51)
9th Place Match
Nicholas Hill (Marshfield) 14-9, Sr. over Ayden Sheets (Lee`s Summit) 14-16, Fr. (Fall 1:37)
11th Place Match
Skyler Harris (Branson) 21-9, Sr. over Dalton McNeal (Ste. Genevieve) 4-8, Fr. (Fall 2:24)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Joel Barrientos of Monett
2nd Place – Obi Smith of Bentonville
3rd Place – Jared Thornbrugh of Smithville
4th Place – Caden Lorenz of Branson
5th Place – Ruger Leppert of Marshfield
6th Place – Cole Stewert of Carl Junction
7th Place – Wyatt Stamper of Camdenton
8th Place – Noah Reiboldt of Neosho
9th Place – Jake Coffee of Vian
10th Place – Ora Scott of Lee`s Summit
11th Place – Braeden Brooks of Marshfield 2
12th Place – Earl Pittman of Fayetteville
1st Place Match
Joel Barrientos (Monett) 22-3, Sr. over Obi Smith (Bentonville) 15-4, So. (Dec 4-2)
3rd Place Match
Jared Thornbrugh (Smithville) 20-11, Sr. over Caden Lorenz (Branson) 22-8, So. (Inj. 0:00)
5th Place Match
Ruger Leppert (Marshfield) 18-11, So. over Cole Stewert (Carl Junction) 13-7, Fr. (Dec 3-0)
7th Place Match
Wyatt Stamper (Camdenton) 11-16, So. over Noah Reiboldt (Neosho) 11-22, So. (TF-1.5 5:54 (18-2))
9th Place Match
Jake Coffee (Vian) 3-2, So. over Ora Scott (Lee`s Summit) 7-13, So. (Fall 5:50)
11th Place Match
Braeden Brooks (Marshfield 2) 16-8, Fr. over Earl Pittman (Fayetteville) 5-17, So. (Fall 2:59)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Trenton Young of Neosho
2nd Place – Max Roark of Seneca
3rd Place – Blake Ackerman of Smithville
4th Place – Grant Staffen of Ste. Genevieve
5th Place – Elias Barrientos of Monett
6th Place – Holden Hughes of Carl Junction
7th Place – Nick Taylor of Marshfield
8th Place – Raphael Marascio of Bentonville
9th Place – Jaden Davis of Cassville
10th Place – Quad Johnson of Fayetteville
11th Place – James Miller of Branson
12th Place – Jayden McDaniel of Fayetteville 2
14th Place – Abby Cordia of Camdenton 2
16th Place – Jaw Di of McDonald County
16th Place – Colbin Gilmore of Lee`s Summit
1st Place Match
Trenton Young (Neosho) 31-6, Sr. over Max Roark (Seneca) 26-4, Sr. (Dec 4-2)
3rd Place Match
Blake Ackerman (Smithville) 18-10, Jr. over Grant Staffen (Ste. Genevieve) 27-9, Jr. (Dec 6-2)
5th Place Match
Elias Barrientos (Monett) 27-11, Fr. over Holden Hughes (Carl Junction) 11-4, Jr. (Fall 3:17)
7th Place Match
Nick Taylor (Marshfield) 16-9, Sr. over Raphael Marascio (Bentonville) 24-9, Fr. (Fall 1:17)
9th Place Match
Jaden Davis (Cassville) 14-9, Jr. over Quad Johnson (Fayetteville) 11-16, Fr. (Fall 0:32)
11th Place Match
James Miller (Branson) 9-12, Jr. over Jayden McDaniel (Fayetteville 2) 1-4, Jr. (Fall 1:42)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Mitchell Bohlken of Smithville
2nd Place – Braxton Barnes of Neosho
3rd Place – Dalton Hembree of Seneca
4th Place – Gunnar Bradley of Monett
5th Place – Gabe Blain of Camdenton
6th Place – Isaiah Ragsdale of Marshfield
7th Place – Reagan Ulrich of Branson
8th Place – Keaton Artherton of Cassville
9th Place – Gabe Holley of Bentonville
10th Place – Logan Pieper of Smithville 2
11th Place – Jacob Boyer of Ste. Genevieve
12th Place – Ben Cox of Union
1st Place Match
Mitchell Bohlken (Smithville) 25-5, Jr. over Braxton Barnes (Neosho) 33-4, Jr. (Dec 4-3)
3rd Place Match
Dalton Hembree (Seneca) 28-3, Jr. over Gunnar Bradley (Monett) 24-6, So. (Dec 2-0)
5th Place Match
Gabe Blain (Camdenton) 30-8, Sr. over Isaiah Ragsdale (Marshfield) 16-8, So. (Fall 0:56)
7th Place Match
Reagan Ulrich (Branson) 18-8, So. over Keaton Artherton (Cassville) 17-7, Jr. (Dec 8-7)
9th Place Match
Gabe Holley (Bentonville) 10-4, So. over Logan Pieper (Smithville 2) 4-12, Jr. (Fall 4:45)
11th Place Match
Jacob Boyer (Ste. Genevieve) 7-15, So. over Ben Cox (Union) 7-13, Jr. (Dec 4-3)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jared Humbolt of Ste. Genevieve
2nd Place – Zane Sims of Bentonville
3rd Place – Zane Cotten of Seneca
4th Place – Jeremiah Larson of Neosho
5th Place – Mason Hedgecorth of Smithville
6th Place – Will Snider of Marshfield
7th Place – Winton Neal of Camdenton
8th Place – Jordan Withnell of Monett
9th Place – Brooks Neria of Carl Junction
10th Place – Alex Maldonado of Branson
11th Place – Dil`n Merchinson of Vian
12th Place – Clayton Ross of Carl Junction 2
16th Place – Logan Carlin of Cassville
16th Place – Andrew Latham of Marshfield 2
16th Place – Caleb Schur of Lee`s Summit
16th Place – Keaton Sanders of Neosho 2
1st Place Match
Jared Humbolt (Ste. Genevieve) 32-4, Sr. over Zane Sims (Bentonville) 31-11, Jr. (Fall 0:50)
3rd Place Match
Zane Cotten (Seneca) 23-9, Fr. over Jeremiah Larson (Neosho) 21-14, Fr. (MD 8-0)
5th Place Match
Mason Hedgecorth (Smithville) 21-11, So. over Will Snider (Marshfield) 19-11, So. (Dec 7-3)
7th Place Match
Winton Neal (Camdenton) 23-11, Sr. over Jordan Withnell (Monett) 14-24, Jr. (MD 9-0)
9th Place Match
Brooks Neria (Carl Junction) 10-10, Sr. over Alex Maldonado (Branson) 14-17, Jr. (Fall 2:00)
11th Place Match
Dil`n Merchinson (Vian) 2-3, Fr. over Clayton Ross (Carl Junction 2) 11-13, So. (Fall 1:15)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Nick Bollinger of Smithville
2nd Place – Dayton Fields of Seneca
3rd Place – Alec Rothman of Neosho
4th Place – Brady Arroyos of Fayetteville
5th Place – Noah Ogden of Ste. Genevieve
6th Place – Josh Bahl of Monett
7th Place – Zach Kurre of Marshfield
8th Place – Kevin Sackryas of McDonald County
9th Place – Jose Melchor of Cassville
10th Place – Ethan Harris of Camdenton
11th Place – Garrett Hill of Bentonville
12th Place – Isiac Shields of Carl Junction
13th Place – Jake Thoenen of Camdenton 2
1st Place Match
Nick Bollinger (Smithville) 22-8, Sr. over Dayton Fields (Seneca) 29-2, Jr. (Fall 5:59)
3rd Place Match
Alec Rothman (Neosho) 13-4, Jr. over Brady Arroyos (Fayetteville) 19-7, Sr. (Dec 12-11)
5th Place Match
Noah Ogden (Ste. Genevieve) 17-16, Jr. over Josh Bahl (Monett) 7-12, Jr. (Fall 2:10)
7th Place Match
Zach Kurre (Marshfield) 19-12, Sr. over Kevin Sackryas (McDonald County) 6-20, Sr. (Fall 3:07)
9th Place Match
Jose Melchor (Cassville) 12-11, Jr. over Ethan Harris (Camdenton) 4-4, So. (M. For.)
11th Place Match
Garrett Hill (Bentonville) 2-3, So. over Isiac Shields (Carl Junction) 14-6, So. (M. For.)
13th Place Match
Jake Thoenen (Camdenton 2) 5-5, So. over () , . (Bye)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Nathan Desler of Bentonville
2nd Place – Cole Hatfield of Seneca
3rd Place – Collin Andrews of Branson
4th Place – Jackson White of Carl Junction
5th Place – Jesus Ramirez of Camdenton
6th Place – Klayton Brooks of Marshfield
7th Place – Michael Hunter of Cassville
8th Place – Zack Stanford of Smithville
9th Place – Robbie Woody of Fayetteville
10th Place – Brian Selby of Ste. Genevieve
11th Place – Wyatt Ross of Carl Junction 2
12th Place – Alex Jones of Vian
14th Place – Jacob Fry of Neosho
14th Place – Carter Pikulski of Lee`s Summit
1st Place Match
Nathan Desler (Bentonville) 39-4, Sr. over Cole Hatfield (Seneca) 26-6, Sr. (Fall 3:17)
3rd Place Match
Collin Andrews (Branson) 15-3, Jr. over Jackson White (Carl Junction) 16-3, Fr. (M. For.)
5th Place Match
Jesus Ramirez (Camdenton) 30-8, Sr. over Klayton Brooks (Marshfield) 17-13, Sr. (Fall 1:38)
7th Place Match
Michael Hunter (Cassville) 16-8, Jr. over Zack Stanford (Smithville) 13-13, Jr. (Dec 7-5)
9th Place Match
Robbie Woody (Fayetteville) 27-11, So. over Brian Selby (Ste. Genevieve) 9-20, Sr. (Dec 6-2)
11th Place Match
Wyatt Ross (Carl Junction 2) 7-12, Fr. over Alex Jones (Vian) 1-4, Fr. (Fall 2:58)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Cash Jones of Bentonville
2nd Place – Wyatt Goade of Cassville
3rd Place – Jordon Irwin of Marshfield
4th Place – Drayke Perry of Neosho
5th Place – Jordan Ishimura of Seneca
6th Place – Nate Simowitz of Fayetteville
7th Place – Kobe Maxwell of Carl Junction
8th Place – Max Petruccelli of Branson
9th Place – Grant Parrish of Lee`s Summit
10th Place – Ty Brown of Ste. Genevieve
11th Place – Ryder Kuenzel of Union
12th Place – Luke Siddens of Union 2
14th Place – Landon Hinds of Smithville
16th Place – Timber Teague of McDonald County
16th Place – Lesli Covington of Fayetteville 2
1st Place Match
Cash Jones (Bentonville) 38-1, Sr. over Wyatt Goade (Cassville) 17-6, Sr. (Fall 1:31)
3rd Place Match
Jordon Irwin (Marshfield) 25-7, Jr. over Drayke Perry (Neosho) 21-12, Fr. (Dec 6-4)
5th Place Match
Jordan Ishimura (Seneca) 4-1, Sr. over Nate Simowitz (Fayetteville) 15-4, Sr. (Fall 4:15)
7th Place Match
Kobe Maxwell (Carl Junction) 13-7, Jr. over Max Petruccelli (Branson) 12-18, So. (Fall 3:09)
9th Place Match
Grant Parrish (Lee`s Summit) 12-9, Sr. over Ty Brown (Ste. Genevieve) 20-16, Jr. (Fall 0:53)
11th Place Match
Ryder Kuenzel (Union) 20-11, Fr. over Luke Siddens (Union 2) 8-5, Jr. (Fall 1:51)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Joey Williams of Neosho
2nd Place – David Clark of Union
3rd Place – Matthew Muller of Fayetteville
4th Place – Clay Wilson of Marshfield
5th Place – Jesse Cassatt of Carl Junction
6th Place – Skyleer Commons of Seneca
7th Place – Liam Neal of Bentonville
8th Place – Wilson Menas of McDonald County
9th Place – Kade Cato of Vian
10th Place – Brandon Castillo of Monett
11th Place – Tyler Hoffman of Lee`s Summit
12th Place – Tavany Richards of Branson
14th Place – Colton Moore of Cassville
14th Place – Eldon Miller of Smithville
1st Place Match
Joey Williams (Neosho) 31-3, Sr. over David Clark (Union) 15-9, So. (Fall 2:30)
3rd Place Match
Matthew Muller (Fayetteville) 29-8, Jr. over Clay Wilson (Marshfield) 27-5, Jr. (Dec 8-1)
5th Place Match
Jesse Cassatt (Carl Junction) 16-2, Fr. over Skyleer Commons (Seneca) 23-7, So. (Dec 6-3)
7th Place Match
Liam Neal (Bentonville) 20-8, Sr. over Wilson Menas (McDonald County) 4-4, Sr. (Fall 2:37)
9th Place Match
Kade Cato (Vian) 4-1, Jr. over Brandon Castillo (Monett) 2-3, Fr. (Fall 2:37)
11th Place Match
Tyler Hoffman (Lee`s Summit) 7-25, So. over Tavany Richards (Branson) 5-21, So. (Fall 0:26)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Brian Boyd of Smithville
2nd Place – Kale Schrader of Seneca
3rd Place – Deryl Vannostrand of Marshfield
4th Place – Haiden Meyer of Union
5th Place – Jeremiah Fry of Bentonville
6th Place – Wesley Merriman of Monett
7th Place – Cruz Partain of Vian
8th Place – Daylon Kanengieter of Marshfield 2
9th Place – Tyler Jenkins of Ste. Genevieve
10th Place – Caleb Elliot of Neosho
11th Place – Brandon Andrew of McDonald County
12th Place – Keegan Bennett of Carl Junction
14th Place – Darby Fields of Fayetteville
16th Place – Hunter Triplett of Union 2
16th Place – Colter West of Cassville
1st Place Match
Brian Boyd (Smithville) 26-3, Jr. over Kale Schrader (Seneca) 27-2, So. (Dec 1-0)
3rd Place Match
Deryl Vannostrand (Marshfield) 29-3, Sr. over Haiden Meyer (Union) 21-3, Jr. (MD 10-0)
5th Place Match
Jeremiah Fry (Bentonville) 31-11, Sr. over Wesley Merriman (Monett) 29-7, So. (Dec 4-3)
7th Place Match
Cruz Partain (Vian) 3-2, Fr. over Daylon Kanengieter (Marshfield 2) 19-6, Fr. (Fall 3:51)
9th Place Match
Tyler Jenkins (Ste. Genevieve) 20-15, Jr. over Caleb Elliot (Neosho) 4-15, Fr. (Fall 5:51)
11th Place Match
Brandon Andrew (McDonald County) 2-3, Jr. over Keegan Bennett (Carl Junction) 7-9, So. (TF-1.5 6:00 (23-7))

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Zane Persinger of Neosho
2nd Place – Marcus Tortorello of Fayetteville
3rd Place – Travin Plemmons of Marshfield
4th Place – Alex Crowe of Bentonville
5th Place – Tyler Hale of Ste. Genevieve
6th Place – Garret Babbitt of Seneca
7th Place – Cody McKimens of Smithville
8th Place – Tyler Huffman of Carl Junction
9th Place – Nick Hughes of Vian
10th Place – Caleb Lucero of Cassville
11th Place – Tyler Rock of Union
1st Place Match
Zane Persinger (Neosho) 22-11, So. over Marcus Tortorello (Fayetteville) 25-9, Jr. (Fall 2:37)
3rd Place Match
Travin Plemmons (Marshfield) 22-10, Jr. over Alex Crowe (Bentonville) 17-11, Sr. (Fall 5:18)
5th Place Match
Tyler Hale (Ste. Genevieve) 25-11, Sr. over Garret Babbitt (Seneca) 15-16, Fr. (Dec 4-2)
7th Place Match
Cody McKimens (Smithville) 7-6, So. over Tyler Huffman (Carl Junction) 12-8, Jr. (Fall 1:22)
9th Place Match
Nick Hughes (Vian) 3-2, Fr. over Caleb Lucero (Cassville) 4-14, Sr. (Fall 2:40)
11th Place Match
Tyler Rock (Union) 8-8, Jr. over () , . (Bye)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Adrian Hitchcock of Neosho
2nd Place – Zeke Wall of Carl Junction
3rd Place – Isaac Boyd of Ste. Genevieve
4th Place – Tristen Burton of Marshfield
5th Place – Ethan Crowe of Bentonville
6th Place – Tyler Brussow of Marshfield 2
7th Place – Matthew DeMars of Fayetteville
8th Place – Grant Durman of Seneca
9th Place – Raymond Villalta of Monett
10th Place – Cody Coleman of Fayetteville 2
11th Place – McCoy Ikosia of McDonald County
12th Place – Carter Bentz of Smithville
1st Place Match
Adrian Hitchcock (Neosho) 33-2, Sr. over Zeke Wall (Carl Junction) 18-2, Sr. (Fall 4:47)
3rd Place Match
Isaac Boyd (Ste. Genevieve) 23-5, Jr. over Tristen Burton (Marshfield) 22-9, Sr. (Fall 3:04)
5th Place Match
Ethan Crowe (Bentonville) 22-7, Sr. over Tyler Brussow (Marshfield 2) 13-8, So. (Fall 2:30)
7th Place Match
Matthew DeMars (Fayetteville) 19-16, Jr. over Grant Durman (Seneca) 13-9, So. (M. For.)
9th Place Match
Raymond Villalta (Monett) 22-11, Fr. over Cody Coleman (Fayetteville 2) 2-3, Sr. (Dec 3-0)
11th Place Match
McCoy Ikosia (McDonald County) 6-16, So. over Carter Bentz (Smithville) 3-11, Fr. (Fall 2:26)