2017 Uniform Of The Year Bracket: Round of 32 Preview

One round done in our first ever Uniform of the Year bracket and a total of 9,178 votes were cast. That’s pretty good! All in all 17 higher seeds advanced and there were 15 “upsets,” which kind of means we didn’t do too bad with our seeding. Nice.

For a zoomed in view of the updated bracket, click here.

Later Monday evening, voting for the Round of 32 will open with links for the Stirrups/High Tops Regionals and the Shorts Shorts/Pinstripes Regionals. Like the opening round, voting will remain open for about 48 hours, also known as Wednesday at midnight.

Here’s a breakdown of some fun Round of 64 results:

Largest blowout? (1) Norwood Baseball over (16) Conway Boys Basketball

Norwood, our top overall seed, wrecked Conway, 326-56. That’s 85.3 percent. Only one other matchup had voting hit 80 percent or higher for one uniform, and that was 12-seed Rogersville Baseball (226 votes) taking out 5-seed Neosho Wrestling (54 votes) with 80.7 percent of the vote.


Closest matchup? (14) Salem Softball over (3) Republic Basketball

Mannnnn talk about down to the wire! Salem took out RepMo basketball by a SINGLE VOTE, 153-152. But that wasn’t your only matchup decided by single digits. 6-seed Kickapoo Baseball trailed 11-seed Nixa Baseball within an hour of polls closing but a late surge gave the Chiefs a 160-155 win (50.8%). Other close ones: (11) Glendale Boys Basketball by 12 over (6) Branson Softball. (13) Mountain Grove Baseball by 13 over (4) Bolivar Softball. 16-seed Crane Volleyball gave 1-seed Webb City Football a bit of a push, losing 178-144.


Biggest upset? (15) Monett Baseball over (2) East Newton Football

East Newton’s vintage Patriots uniforms didn’t do it for you guys like they did for Justin Sampson and myself, with Monett getting 54.4 percent of the vote here.

Monett baseball is one of FOUR Monett uniforms still alive, joining Glendale with that same number. I guess people like the purple/yellow and red/white/powder blue combos. Shoutout to Waynesville as well, which has 10-seed uniforms in baseball and softball still alive.


By @MattTurer