Drury’s Lexie Vaught becomes social media sensation for slip-and-slide show

During Saturday’s Drury-Rockhurst women’s basketball game, Drury freshman Lexie Vaught from Crane, Mo. lost her shoe after a defender stepped on her heel as the two were headed down the court.  Wearing a new pair of soft, slippery socks, Vaught immediately fell to the floor.  When she tried to get back up, she fell again.  And the moment quickly turned into 14-seconds out of a Keystone Cops movie as Lexie looked like a newborn deer trying to stand-up for the first time.

In the below video, you can hear from Lexie and teammates Heather Harman and Brooke Stanfield as they talk about the play and what happened afterwards as Lexie Vaught has become a viral sensation because of some “slippery socks”.


As captured by our O-Zone camera, the video found its way on to social media and was seen over 320,000 times by the end of the weekend.  Shaquille O’Neal re-tweeted the video.

Social media outlets from the SB Nation, CBS Sports, and ESPN all asked for permission to post the video.

ESPN ran Lexie’s video on their afternoon talk show “Highly Questionable” and the MLB Network, yes, baseball’s official TV service, ran it during their afternoon talk show “Intentional Talk” during a segment called, “That was Awkward”.

Everyone seemed to be cashing in on Lexie’s humorous adventure.