Rogersville rolls to fifth straight district title

Since 2012, the Rogersville Lady Wildcats haven't known what it's like to end a season without a district title.

They made sure that streak continued on Wednesday as Rogersville (12-4), under 14th-year head coach Sarah Worsham, took care of business against Willow Springs (11-6) in the C1-D10 final to collect its fifth consecutive district crown.

But don't think for a minute that this string of success and a constant building of district title plaques is becoming old news for the Lady Wildcats.

“When you step back and you think about it, that is a significant thing to do and it's a big deal,” Worsham said. “It's a lot of fun and I'm proud of [my team].”


According to Worsham, her squad's key to success isn't exactly a big secret when seeing the mentality they carry the moment they step onto the court.

“They just have fun,” said Worsham of her team. “They get serious when they're playing, but they have a lot of fun and they're low stress. They don't worry about much.”

Rogersville didn't waste any time making sure its title streak was kept in tact – sweeping the Lady Bears in doubles play by scores of 8-5, 8-2 and 8-2.

The swift dominance in doubles led to only two needed matches in the round of singles as Rogersville No. 1 Courtney Potter took down Lady Bears top-player Michaela Cox in straight sets (6-0, 6-0). In a battle of No. 3 players, Mattie Miles stymied sophomore Katie Burgess (6-0, 6-1) to end Wednesday's action and send Willow Springs into the offseason following a solid 2016 campaign.

“I'm thrilled with my team this year,” Willow Springs coach David Cox said. “They've worked really hard. They put a lot of work in during the offseason and we've had a great year. In the last couple of years, things keep building and I'm just super proud of them.”

For the Lady Wildcats, hopes of a potential trip to the Final Four, a place that the team has also been familiar with in recent years, are present in the minds of just about everyone as they cruise into sectional play.

“They know it's there, but I think they're just playing one match at a time,” added Worsham. “We know we've got a lot of really tough competition between us and a Final Four. It's definitely not a guarantee.”

Considering its next test is facing off with an unbeaten Springfield Catholic team on Oct. 8, Rogersville knows its in for a formidable challenge as it tries to keep its season alive.

“We're going to just try to keep doing what we're doing and play well,” said Potter. “We'll be practicing for sectionals, which should be tough, but hopefully we'll do well.”

RESULTS – Rogersville listed first

Courtney Potter 6-0, 6-0 Michaela Cox
Matie Miles 6-0, 6-1 Katie Burgess

Potter/Hernandez 8-5 Cox/Biehl
Jordan/Miles 8-2 Burgess/Rothermich
Ellison/Heath 8-2 Walton/Pool